Lakeswind Committee

The Lakeswind Committee was created in 2011 to explore entering into a Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) for the output from a 48 megawatt wind farm in Pelican Falls, Minnesota. The project consists of 32 – 1.5 megawatt General Electric turbines. The project started generating energy in January 2014 and was declared commercially operational in March 2014.

There are currently 17 utilities buying power from the wind farm; 9 of which are GLU members. These utilities are not owners but have contracted for the energy/capacity from the facility. GLU serves as the operating partner for the project and performs all of the required interactions with MISO. In 2023, the wind farm project produced 155,574 MWH.

The Lakeswind Committee is made of a representative of the East Power Supply Committee and the 4 members of the West Project Committee.

Bangor Cornell Medford Trempealeau